Gratitude 2019-07-05

The sound of rain on a patio roof Veggie spread That feeling when your code works like you imagined it to A vast world to explore Access to books and literature Mountains A sense of curiosity and exploration Fresh strawberries Sleeping in The simplicity of animals

Gratitude 1/23/2019

The sound of footsteps on the crunchy snow Discovering new music by just letting Spotify do it’s random thing Late nights drinking tea working through code at the coffee shop Cheese. Oh man I do love me some cheese!

2013 Sprinter Camper Van for Sale

Selling my 2013 144 High roof Sprinter. I bought it on October 2016 and have been slowly working on a conversion, never expecting to sell. However, I found an deal on a 4×4 version that I couldn’t turn down. I built this up as a camper for hiking and backcountry adventures for 1-2 people. I […]

2016 in Review

Looking Back 2016 was a whirlwind of a year. On one hand, a lot of big things happened, on the other, I feel like I could have done more. Here are the highlights: Downsizing 2016 was a big year for downsizing. Early on in the year, my partner and I  decided to move to Vernon […]

Giving Tuesday

It’s giving Tuesday and I’m going to sweeten up the deal. Make a donation to a registered charity and I’ll randomly pick one and TRIPLE your donation. So you donate $100 and if yours gets picked, I’ll donate an additional $300. If you’ve been on the fence about what to do with all that money […]

How to be a Developer

What makes a great developer? Are they great at MongoDB or iOS? Do they know how to use Promises, ES6 and React? Maybe. Or Maybe not. The tech industry places far too much importance on technical skills. Language, frameworks, and platforms come and go, but approach and behaviour is what separate the good from the great.  .We need to shift […]


You signed up for that Yoga class. You bought a (lightly used!) treadmill. You got the brochures for that trip you always wanted to take. But two month later, you’ve gone to one yoga class, have logged 5k on the treadmill and who knows where the brochures went. Oh well, there’s always next year, right? Wrong. Here’s […]