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Day 6 & 7 – Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce was a charming little place. While there we took a boat tour 40km away to the town of Livingston on the Carribean Coast. It was an interesting town with good food (I had an awesome seafood soup) and interesting people (its more ‘rastafarian’ on the carribean coast)

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Antigua Kite festival

We srtopped at a Kite festival on the way back to Antigua from Lake Atitlan. It was pretty cool to be in the middle of a national event that draws peopple from all over the country. Some of the biggest kites were larger than 50ft wide.

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Day 7 – Flores

We had a quick one-day stop in Flores. On the way we stopped by a *hot* waterfall which was awesome. A cold stream fed into it at the bottom so you could have a hot shower fallijng down on your shoulders and back with the cold pool to keep the…

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Day 2- Antigua

We spent the majority of the day exploring the town of Antigua. Given that it’s the weekend, the markets were out in full force. I used this as an a opportunity to brush up on my Spanish skills which went surprisingly well. I ended up getting a leather belt and…

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Day 1

We made it Safe and Sound to Antigua today.  We et up ith the rest of our tour and both the group and leader seem like awesome people.  Spent a nice night making new friends over good food and drinks. Not  a whole lot of energy left right now so…

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Day 0 – Seattle

Made it to the Seattle airport. Winter is not all that far from hitting the Okanagan judging from the snow on the hills above the vallley. The landscape will probably look a whole lot more white when we get back! I decided not to bring my DSLR with me due…

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Travel checklists

If you’re like me, you like to be prepared when you head into the outdoors, be it a short day hike or week-long backpack. In the mad dash of packing, it’s easy enough to forget one or two items that couple be crucial to your safety and or comfort.  I’ve…

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