My Pledge to the earth 2010

Dear Earth:

I want to show you that I’m serious about treating you better and helping my fellow earthlings change their ways as well. My pledge to you this year is:

  • To reduce my consumption by 15% across the board:  15% less electrical use, 15% less km driven in my vehicles, 15% less unnecessary stuff bought from the store.
  • Bike to all destinations within 4km of my house 80% or more of the time.
  • Completely eliminate shopping at big chains that sell cheap-quality, non-local goods.  Why should I support Wal-mart when they get their apples across the border and their strawberries from 1500km away? I have fantastic orchards, farms and grocery stores all around me.
  • Extend my consumption life-cycle.  For example, new laptop every 4 years instead of every 3.
  • Resist societal pressure that  ‘new is better.’  Continue to drive  my 22-year old (well-maintained) vehicle runs on a 40% bio-diesel mix (unlike new cars which are limited to 5% and require additional energy to manufacture)
  • Buy quality items instead of cheap throw-away items whenever possible.  No more cheap crappy e-bay laptop batteries that last three months before needing to be tossed (recycled).
  • Judge my success a year from now by how much less “stuff” I have and by how much less is in my recycle, garbage and compost each week (20% less)
  • Encourage my friends and colleagues to move towards a more minimalist lifestyle that requires less stuff, smaller houses.
  • Post an article once a month on twitter/blog to spread the word globally that simple living is not only better for our planet but also healthy and liberating.

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

One reply on “My Pledge to the earth 2010”

Most impressive list, Daryl. Not only is chasing ‘stuff’ bad for the Earth, it doesn’t do us much good either – there is something about learning what “enough” means that leads towards contentment.

In keeping with your theme, you might find these writers of interest:

Sharon Astyk (who has several amazing books – one of which I am reading tonight, in fact)

(Sharon’s “Why I Hate Earth Day” post really fits!)

and John Michael Greer (who is a real, live Druid, but not anywhere near as weird as that might imply)


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