Vicious Circle of Consumerism

The “Vicious Circle of Consumerism” or:  How to waste time and money

  1. Drive to fast-food restaurant less than 1km away.  Eat giant portions
  2. Experience massive guilt from over-eating.  Sign up for gym membership
  3. Drive home from gym, passing public parks along the way. Once home, notice neglected lawn from long hours at work and gym. To minimize physical exertion, buy new lawn mower and leaf blower
  4. Mow lawn and rake leaves.  Collapse in bed, worn out from long nights at the office and lack of proper nutrition.
  5. Head to work early to pay for new labour-saving devices and gym membership
  6. Stay at work late again.  Too tired for gym.  Hungry but no time to cook proper meal.  Proceed to step 1.

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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