Strength of a Developer Community

Interesting comments on the Ruby community from an ex-.NET developer (and author and MVP). I’m still mainly on the .NET (and PHP) side of the fence (for now) but like what I’m seeing from some of the the open-source communities.

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

One reply on “Strength of a Developer Community”

Interesting post. I’ve had similar experiences when working with ZF over the past 3 years. Since looking and moving to Symfony2 over the past two months, it has really hit me.

Zend’s licensing is very restrictive in the fact that you must sign a contributors’ license agreement, and you cannot re-use any code. Symfony’s community is a lot closer to the Ruby / Rails community where you end up with tons of 3rd party libraries integrated and managed by a few key players, but everyone is still able to contribute via Github. Things progress very quickly and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

If you don’t want to learn a whole new language, but want to dive into OSS, I highly recommend checking it out. I’d even be glad to give you an introduction to it one day if you’re up for it.


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