Adventure/Travel Central America 2011

Day 2- Antigua

We spent the majority of the day exploring the town of Antigua. Given that it’s the weekend, the markets were out in full force. I used this as an a opportunity to brush up on my Spanish skills which went surprisingly well. I ended up getting a leather belt and two paintings for a reasonable price. And given my love for technology, I managed to aquire a prepaid SIM card (with data!) for only $10. The market was the craziest one I’ve ever been to and inclued everything from live baby chicks to bench grinders. We were a bit apprehensive at first but warmed up quickly and got a lot more comfortable pwrusing the goods. It was nice that the vendors were a lot less pushy than in the more touristy places like Playa del Carmen.

The plan for the next couple of days is to go to Lake Atitlan and spend one night in a hotel and then taake a boat ride to an ancient Mayan village. There we do a Homestay with a Mayan family. I’m really looking forward to that as I imagine it will be an amazing cultural experience. I’m not sure how much Internet access I will have during that time so updates could be on Monday and Tuesday. Have a good Halloween everyone and eat lots of candy. We’ll be at the Homestay that night so I imagine there will be no indiation of it being different than any other day.

Two wheels is the way to go in Antigua

The local artisan market. It wasn’t only for artisans though. One giiuy tried to sell me a achete and bench grinder for Q130 (under $20 US)

Beuatiful arch downtown

The town “Laudromat” where the mayan ladies wash their clothes in Conctrete wash basins.
Another shot of the wash basins
Ancient ruins that are part of our hotel
The Apple love runs world-wide
The trunk bakery lady made delicious pastries
The colonial architecture here is amazing.

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