The time is now.

This is a longer version of this tweet:

Want to lose weight but obsessing over which gym or yoga studio to go to?
No excuses.
Put on your shoes and think about it outside or at your closest gym. Now.

Waiting for the right time to launch your new idea?
No excuses.
The time is now (yesterday actually).

Thinking about taking up a new hobby or sport & obsessing over what gear to buy?
Drop it.
Pick something and get on with it.

Nervous about asking that speical boy or girl out on a date?
No excuses.
Do it before someone else asks them, you pansy.

Thinking of moving to a new city but scared of the unknown?
Stop it.
Even the ‘knowns’ are unknown.

Thinking of travelling off the beaten path to your dream location but the news says scary things about there?
Fuck the news.
The news says the same things about where you live.


The lizard brain is great at making excuses & finding distractions when tough decisions arise. The most painful choices often result in the most rewards.


By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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