Calendar Project 2013?

Friends, I need your help. Every holiday season I print up  calendars from photos I’ve taken of my travels.  Last year I sold them to friends and family and gave the money to a Planeterra project that I visited while travelling in Guatemala. In fact many of the photos in the calendar were from that very project.

I was happy that I was able to get about 25 people to commit to this endeavour, but in the end the production (and time) costs left me wondering if it was even worth it. I spent about $400 out of pocket which may have gone to better use if I had just donated it directly to the project without printing anything.

So I’m thinking I needing to revisit my approach. I have a few options
a) Come up with a different product
b) Come up with a different payment scheme
c) Come up with an entirely different approach altogether

I’d appreciate your input on this. For (a), would you still be interested in a photo calendar or is there something else you would find useful? In terms of (b) I had the idea of spreading the donation out over the year ($5 a month for 12 months).

Comment below or email me at

FYI,  the projects I’m looking at this year are Charity Water and a few on Kiva



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Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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