Getting Healthy

While I don’t do huge workouts every day, I’d hardly consider myself an ‘inactive’ person. But I’ve put on a few more pounds than I would have liked in the past years, despite my uncanny ability to “bang out” an epic hike with little to no preparation. However, something has to be done to get my weight back to normal levels and it’s not going to be from monthly hikes. I’ve always been a runner and while I wouldn’t say it is a screaming passion of mine, I enjoy it. But motivation has always been an issue. And while apps are cool for motivation, I think I’m going to try an old-school method first. I’ve decided to take a page from Giles Bowkett’s Calendar and post a physical calendar in a highly visible place (Actually the *first* thing I did was go for a run, then print the calendar).

Basically, the premise of the calendar is that you see it every day and you mark a big red X after you’ve completed your activity. You attempt to do it for x days in a row, and the theory is you won’t miss a day because it means a gap in the physical record posted on the wall (resulting in self-ridicule and nagging from everyone else).

So there you have it, I’m going to give it a try. I’ve got a big red X for October 14th, 2012 and I’m hoping to make it gap-free to December 14th. I’ll follow up with a blog post then.

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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