Life Goals (from 1999)

I typed this way back in 1999 at the innocent age of 23. Some of these are embarrassing but I’m going to post it anyway, crossing off the (few) that I’ve done.

1. Visit Grand Canyon
2. Drive Across Canada
3. Visit all 11 provinces and 52 states
4. Visit New Zealand and Australia
5. Spend at least 3 weeks in Australia
6. Earn a degree
7. Get commercial pilots license and become IFR rated
8. Fly across Canada
9. Reach the North pole
10. Hike the continental divide trail
11. Bike across Canada
12. Land a bush plane on a gravel bar
13. Release a CD
14. Write a book
15. Run in a marathon
16. Participate in Rally and Ice racing
17. Go scuba diving
18. Build a house on a mountain. (actually BUILD the house)
19. Live in a houseboat for at least 2 months
20. Live on the coast (beachfront) for at least 2 months
21. Engineer an innovative software product under my company name
22. Invent a product under my name
23. Visit the pyramids of Egypt
24. Visit the Eiffel tower
25. Learn French
26. Fly a glider
27. Run a 5 minute mile
28. Run the Jasper-Banff relay
29. Go rappelling
30. Learn Ice & Rock Climbing
31. Bike down a ski-hill in summer and in winter
32. Go bungee jumping
33. Go sky diving
34. Teach at a college
35. Circumnavigate the globe
36. Teach a child to walk
37. Watch a building be demolished (from afar)
38. Meet the prime minister
39. Meet the pope
40. Hike/Bike signal mountain
41. View mount Everest by helicopter
42. Learn CPR
43. Fly a Hercules
44. Fly a 747
45. Teach the world what I know
46. Visit Disneyland
47. Appear on TV
48. Make a speech or interview on the radio
49. Participate in a parade (drive a float)

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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