Life Goals Revisted

I decided to go through my life goals from 1999 post and re-evaluate how I would rank those 14 years later. I created 4 categories: Will Do, Probably, Maybe, and Unlikely. Note: this is not a list of today’s goals, merely a re-categorization of the old list.

Will do
Climbing in Skaha

  1. Drive Across Canada
  2. Visit all 11 provinces and 52 states
  3. Visit New Zealand and Australia
  4. Spend at least 3 weeks in Australia
  5. Run in a marathon
  6. Engineer an innovative software product under my company name
  7. Invent a product under my name
  8. Visit the pyramids of Egypt
  9. Visit the Eiffel tower
  10. Bike down a ski-hill in summer
  11. Learn Ice Climbing
  12. Circumnavigate the globe
  13. Watch a building be demolished (from afar)
  14. Drive a float in a parade

Probably will do

  1. Earn a degree
  2. Bike across Canada
  3. Write a book
  4. Build a house on a mountain. (actually BUILD the house)
  5. Live on the coast (beachfront) for at least 2 months
  6. Run a 5 minute mile
  7. Run the Jasper-Banff relay
  8. Fly a glider
  9. Teach at a college
  10. Visit Buzludzha

Might do

  1. Get commercial pilots license and become IFR rated
  2. Reach the North pole
  3. Hike the continental divide trail
  4. Participate in Rally and Ice racing
  5. Go scuba diving
  6. Live in a houseboat for at least 2 months
  7. Learn French
  8. Go bungee jumping
  9. Go sky diving
  10. View mount Everest by helicopter

Highly unlikely / off the radar

  1. Land a bush plane on a gravel bar (obviously I was a lot more into aviation 13 years ago)
  2. Fly a Hercules
  3. Fly a 747
  4. Teach a child to walk (I rememeber putting this one in just to score points with my grandma)
  5. Meet the prime minister (meh)
  6. Release a CD (DJ Daryl?)
  7. Meet the pope (again, put this in for someone else, not me)
  8. Visit Disneyland (no interest. at all)


  1. Fly across Canada
  2. Go rappelling
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Hike/Bike signal mountain
  5. Learn CPR
  6. Teach the world what I know
  7. Appear on TV
  8. Make a speech or interview on the radio

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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