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This week I announced the launch of It’s a simple cloud-based application that helps volunteer emergency personnel quickly communicate when responding to incidents. It took less than 10 hours to build but solves a very real problem facing volunteer emergency teams.

Why? came about after chatting with a volunteer fire fighter friend of mine. Their department found that they didn’t know who was responding to a call until all responding members showed up at the Fire Hall. Currently, initial communication between members consists of a one-way pager used by the 911 service to alert them to an incident. Two-way communication isn’t available until members arrive at the hall where the radios are located. This results in ‘period of silence’ between when a member receives a page to when he arrives at the hall. solves this by using a simple voice and SMS service.

Who is it for? is for any emergency service department that needs simple group-based messaging. More ‘non-urgent’ functionality may be added to help other vokunteer organixations such as Search and Rescue teams

How does it work?

  • Members sign up their cell phone number and name with the service by sending a “START John Doe” SMS message to their private phone number. This adds their name and number to the database
  • When the member receives a page that he is able respond to, he dials the private Rpsndr number from his mobile number (typically saved into speed dial). The automated service picks up, confirms with a voice response and sends out SMS messages to all other members indicating that John Doe is responding
  • Members can pause, restart or end their SMS notifications by issuing simple SMS commands the Rspndr number.


Design considerations

  • The intention of is to keeps things simple and automatic. Feedback from firehall members indicated that a mobile app or even writing a quick SMS message would be too difficult and time-consuming. Having a speed dial number that answers with a short’check-in’ message makes it quick and easy for anyone to use the service.
  • had to be easy to maintain and configure. There are no web sites or applications requires to sign-up or modify settings. Members can individually start, pause and stop their subscription with simple SMS command.
  • Minimal training and simplicity will ensure a high adoption rate.


How is it built? is built on Kohana (PHP framework) and MySQL.

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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